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Buyer = Zero%commission

Resale Services 

Welcome to BeitNetwork, your premier real estate brokerage company where extraordinary deals await. Discover a world of possibilities as we bring you the best opportunities from all development companies. With zero % commission for buyers, we ensure the lowest prices and unbeatable value. Our commitment to excellence means sellers bear the standard

2.5% commission, guaranteeing you the best deals. Join us on this exciting journey, where your dream home is just a click away."


Reem Makram
Sales Manager

Reem Makram is an exceptional sales manager at Palmhills Development, renowned for her expertise in driving sales growth, strategic planning, and building strong client relationships.

Farida Al Gabry
Sales Manager

Farida Al Gabry is a dynamic sales manager at SODIC Development, recognized for her exceptional leadership skills, strategic thinking, and track record of consistently delivering outstanding sales performance.

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Hassan Selim
Sales Manager

Hassan Selim is an exceptional sales manager at Tatweer Misr Development, known for his exceptional negotiation skills, result-oriented approach, and ability to surpass sales targets consistently.

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Nour Amgad
Sales Manager

Nour Amgad is a highly accomplished and dependable sales manager at MisrItalia Properties. With her exceptional skills and unwavering integrity, she consistently delivers exceptional results and earns the trust of clients and colleagues alike.

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Perihan Amr
Sales Manager

Perihan Amr is a remarkable sales manager at MisrItalia Properties, known for her unparalleled expertise and outstanding leadership skills in driving successful sales initiatives.

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