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BeitNetwork was founded in 2012 by Mr. Sherif Fetyan, we are the one  and only Outsourcing consultancy in the Middle East , we are changing the concept of being a property consultant. 


"We don't sell you the unit, We sell you an opportunity. "Mr. Sherif Fetyan


Through the years a consultant was a person who advises you about which property to buy. We disagreed, we see the consultant as someone who advises you in everything regarding your property. From your dream house to the perfect interior and the perfect finishing to the perfect facility management, we have your back. 


BEITNETWORK has one mission, clear and direct.

We are selling an opportunity not a unit, we are offering the opportunity to have a complete home solution, we cover all your needs, We don't offer you what we have, we offer you what you dream of having and show you how you can maximize your benefits. 


BEITNETWORK has the vision of sustaining it's position in the market while growing, we will satisfy the needs of 2,400 families, we will grow to become the number 1 Consultancy in the world, using our COMPLETE HOME SOLUTION and our FINANCIAL PLANS that are tailored to each person that choses to deal with the best. 


BeitNetwork is moving forward, we are changing the concept of being a consultant. Now and only at BeitNetwork, you will find real comfort, we offer you the perfect opportunity and whether it is finished or not, furnished or not or you even need someone to manage your facility, we have them. 

BeitNetwork is an innovator, with all what we are currently offering, we are also providing THE FINANCIAL SOLUTION, that will help you achieve your best version of your dream house and maximize your benefits financially too. 

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