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Life as it should be

Orascom Development Holding (ODH) is a leading developer of fully integrated Real Estate, including hotels, residential units, and leisure facilities such as golf courses, marinas, and supporting infrastructure. ODH offers a diverse portfolio of worldwide destinations covering Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, Oman, Morocco, Montenegro, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom.





The design and architecture employed in O West is tailored to capture the essence of a modern dynamic community.

Working in conjunction with nature to achieve impressive results with enduring appeal, O West offers a variety of landscaping themes, from expansive open spaces to tight urban fabrics, all to be discovered and experienced as residents and visitors' journey through the community.



El Gouna offers an unparalleled lifestyle that has attracted a growing multinational community.

El Gouna is Orascom Development’s flagship town. El Gouna has a multinational community that continues to grow, the town covers 10 km of pristine shoreline on the beautiful Red Sea coast with a total land area of 36.92 million sqm, of which 15 million sqm has so far been 

developed. El Gouna is a fully integrated, self-sufficient town, adhering to the highest global standards.

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