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From our family to yours

For years, Hassan Allam Properties (HAP) has been crafting unrivaled experiences for families. Through its community-centric developments, every corner has been reinvented into an exclusive haven that stimulates a lineage of lifestyles, ideas and individual interests.




Nestling in one of the most premium locations in New Cairo, Scarlet is Swan Lake Residence’s pioneer project, which is distinct for its luxurious settings and is home to 169 signature villas over 193.3K Sqm.

Other than its symbolism with the bright red color, Scarlet originally takes its name from one of the most costly birds in the world: the Scarlet Tanager. Like the Black Swan, the bird is distinct for its dark black wings which contrast with its red body.



Its suburban model makes use of the luxuriously themed guard-gated neighborhoods, offering a series of versatile living spaces, unmatched privacy and 176,000 sqm of openly balanced terrains with 7.5 km of bicycle and pedestrian-friendly hardscapes

Situated on a prime location in Mostakbal City, HAPTOWN spans an area of 243 acres, featuring a world-class range of contemporary townhouses and sophisticated apartments, designed by CallisonRTKL, and elegant villas, designed by the Egyptian acclaimed architectures, Alchemy. 

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